If you speak English and are hunting for an amazing island getaway, then on a Fiji island vacation, you\’ll have wonderful assortment of activities from which to choose. Whether you are an active, outdoor backpacker, or one who prefers fine dining and nightclubs, then don your swim trunks or your taste buds for an island getaway like no other.

Fiji, officially called the Republic of Fiji, is located in the South Pacific and is made up of about 322 small islands and a plethora of beaches, bays, and volcanic formations. The most


common islands, which travelers visit, are the two main islands where most of the Fijians live. They are the islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. If you are planning a Fiji island vacation, you\’ll most likely be entering or leaving from one of the two. It is also here where you can catch ferries and boats to one of the many other islands and beaches.

In 1874, Fiji came under British control as an official colony. It is at that time where the island and eventually the entire country came to learn English. From then on, only with the exception of the period of internal conflict in the 1970s, 1990s, and throughout 2000, it has been a member of the Commonwealth. You\’ll notice that on your Fiji island vacation that you\’ll be warmly and graciously greeted, all in the English language, which makes travel here quite relaxed and easy.

While taking such a vacation be sure that you take advantage of some of the best ocean fishing in the Pacific. Boats and captains can be hired for morning, afternoon, or even all day excursions. Most of the time, you won\’t have to supply your own gear and are almost guaranteed to catch at least a few fish. Or, if fishing in Fiji is not your cup of tea, try taking a stroll in one of the lush forests that you\’ll find on any number of the islands. Or, sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze. You can also opt to take a tour of one of the many sugar cane fields that have been in operation for over a hundred years.

If you are in search of adventure while on your Fiji island vacation, be sure to stop by any number of outdoor companies offering any number of packages for kayaking, whitewater rafting, and snorkeling. You can even take a side-trip to the island of Savusavu where you can enjoy days on end of hiking, diving, and other outdoor activities. You may also enjoy a day walking excursion through the outskirts of the islands, experiencing some of the local culture as you walk through any number of villages where local guides will give you a taste of the true flavor of Fijian hospitality.

Overall, a Fiji island vacation is a great way to spend any vacation, whether it is for your honeymoon, or for your 50th wedding anniversary, Fiji has something for every person who wants to truly experience an island country and culture that is both mysterious in their origins as they are intriguing by their way of life.

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Kyle and Jo