Romantic hotels in Cairo offer views of majestic pyramids, stretches of sand as far as the eye can see and a breathtaking landscape all contribute to the wonder that is Cairo, Egypt. Often overlooked, Cairo has much to offer for couples on a romantic getaway in Africa, and their hotels offer stunning opulence and a chance to get away from the stress of ordinary life.

Beneath the shadows of The Great Pyramids at Giza lie Mena House Oberoi, a majestic picture of historical significance and radiant beauty. Surrounded with over 40 acres of scented gardens, Mena House offers guests a beautiful picture of paradise. The hotel is an ancient work of art, and stands less than 800 meters from one of the greatest wonders of the world.

For those couples who appreciate great architecture, Mena House certainly delivers with fine murals, mother of pearl tiles, and beautifully carved paneling. Those who step into Mena House find themselves not in your standard hotel, but in a royal palace. What’s more, the hotel offers guests a chance to play golf; gamble, play tennis on one of their nearby courts, swim in their large outdoor pool or dine at their classy restaurant on-site. Whatever your pleasure, Mena House is sure to satisfy.

On the west bank of the Nile River, Four Seasons First Residence in Cairo delivers majestic views of the Great Pyramids, as well as the ancient Zoological and Botanical gardens. This romantic hotels in Cairo is actually located directly in the center of the highly regarded First Residence apartment and shopping complex, and is located only minutes from downtown.

During your stay, you can enjoy a large fitness center, fine dining, a state of the art spa facility, a spacious outdoor pool, golfing, horseback riding, sailing and a host of other activities. There’s something for every couple to enjoy at the Four Seasons.

Another of our favorite romantic hotels in Cairo, the Concorde El Salam Hotel offers couples a beautiful marble interior, surrounded by statuesque palm trees and gorgeous scenery. It’s definitely more Western-styled, so for those couples who want a more modern approach this hotel definitely works.

With beautiful swimming pools, a casino and equestrian center on-site, four restaurants and a theater, you won’t know what to do with yourself first! The Concorde offers guest a multitude of activities to choose from, and the ultimate in relaxation and excitement.

Then there’s the Oasis Hotel. The Oasis is surrounded by majestic views of the surrounding landscape, and flowers, fruit, palm trees and gardens abound. There are plenty of things for couples to enjoy, including fine dining, swimming pools, tennis, basketball, and even a night club on-site.

A spacious health and fitness center is also available on the premises, which includes state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Additionally, you can enjoy a relaxing massage or spa treatment, including a Jacuzzi and a steam room. The Oasis Hotel definitely offers romance and relaxation for all couples to enjoy. A great selection from one of many hotels in Cairo.

Whether your taste leans towards opulent and palatial, or modern and understated, Cairo has it all. With a bounty of hotels to ensure couples a pleasant stay, you may find it difficult to choose between them all!

Kyle and Jo