In the beginning of a relationship, everything may seem rosy and perfect.  However, this can – and does – change as time goes by.  Even the most ideal of unions can suffer a bit of wear and tear when real life steps in.  You’ll have to deal with the stress and responsibility of a job and maybe even raising a family.  This makes it necessary for you to take a break now and then, simply in order to refresh and renew your relationship with your beloved. A loving and healthy relationship is everyone’s goal and a romantic interlude might just be the answer.

Sometimes, your husband or wife might be reluctant to take a break; here’s how to convince your spouse you need a romantic getaway:

Be positive

Above everything, if you’d like to go on a romantic couples’ vacation you’ll have to start off on a positive note.  Don’t do anything that could make it a bone of contention, so don’t bring up the topic in a negative fashion.  For instance, don’t start talking about how your spouse never has any time for you, or how he or she is no longer the fun-loving person you married.  Instead, mention how nice it would be to go away for a big of rest and relaxation.

Time it right

Don’t bring up a vacation just when your partner is worrying over the bills.  The idea of more spending might send him or her over the edge.  Instead, you should time it right.  You would probably wait for a time when your boss was feeling mellow to ask for a raise, but you might forget to apply a similar principle at home.  Talk to your partner about a vacation when he or she is not upset or distracted.  You could also suggest it if you see that he or she is a bit stressed over work, but make it seem like a fun, no-pressure proposition.

Do the math

One of the things that discourage people from taking vacations even when they need them is the fear of having to spend too much.  It is a smart idea to show your spouse that you can, in fact, afford the holiday.  Do a bit of research about ticket prices or hotel rates, and look for an ideal weekend to schedule it.  This way, your proposed vacation will seem so much more real and tangible.

Cite statistics

People are really and truly more productive after they’ve had a bit of rest.  When you keep plodding on despite ill health and poor spirits, your job performance suffers, and so will your quality of life.  You are not much use to anyone when you’re sick or unhappy.  It is bad for you at the office, and it is bad for your family at home.  Do a bit of research and show your spouse the figures that prove this is true, and you’ll be that much closer to the vacation you want.

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Hopefully, these simple tips on how to convince your spouse you need a romantic getaway to get back on track and rekindle the spark,  love really is the key to a happy relationship.

Kyle and Jo