Wondering what is a honeymoon package and why you need one? Then just picture this:

You have to book a hotel. You want to take a cruise. You have to get there by plane. Taxi… forget it! It doesn’t end with travel. You want to go on a tour of the Taj Mahal or get some great scuba instruction. Now you’ve got even more arrangements to make! It sometime gets more complicated than the wedding itself! But you can forget all these worries; just get a honeymoon package. They can come in all shapes and sizes. Many can be custom ‘fitted’ to a specific couple.

Hotels are another typical part of honeymoon packages. No need to worry about where to stay once you arrive from your flight or cruise. Pay once and be assured of your accommodations for the entire honeymoon. That also saves you money. These packages invariably offer the best rates. Paying separately for flight and hotel will carry a higher cost than getting a combination deal. The business reason is straightforward. Special arrangements between the airline and the hotel make them money by feeding each company customers. The honeymoon couple gets the benefit by a lower price than they could get on their own. Everybody wins when you choose such a honeymoon package.One common form of honeymoon package is a combination of flight plus cruise. The flight gets you from an airport near you to the ship’s point of embarkation. Then you board and enjoy your honeymoon cruise to an exotic locale. The return flight brings you home. But some will include flights in the middle. You board the ship and sail off, say, to the Greek Isles. Then, after a few days stay, you fly to Monte Carlo or Paris for some gambling or nightlife. You may pick up the cruise at another point, say Lisbon, or fly back to Greece to complete your honeymoon. Then it’s back by ship to Florida and home on a final flight.

The same principle can, and often does, extend beyond transportation and accommodations. It often reaches to activities that newlyweds seek when they reach their honeymoon destination. You may take a flight to Aruba, one of the most popular honeymoon spots. But before long you’ll want to do more than lie on the beach. Scuba diving is often included as part of the honeymoon package that includes hotel and transportation. Bicycle rental might even be included so you and your new spouse can ride off into the sunset together. Horseback riding is included in some packages, too.

Many honeymoon packages are found with all inclusive deals from resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. See our list of adult only all inclusive resorts andcouples only all inclusive resorts. Or, suppose you prefer romantic Italy. You arrive in Venice and book into a fine hotel that was included in your honeymoon package. But now you want to take a canal ride, or go on a tour of one of the outstanding sights in the ancient city. Many hotels will include this as part of the amenities. Hence, no matter where you want to go, how you want to get there, or what you want to do when you arrive; you’ll find a honeymoon package that offers just what you seek.

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